Triple D Events

because mass insanity is more fun

New Year's Eve Party at the Yagyu Estate [OPEN! ♥]
Seiji Party

While not nearly as impressive as the Narnian Castle seen at Christmas, the Yagyu Estate is nothing to sneeze at. Tucked away in the foresty hills of the Musashino area and overseeing a large lake, Nasuti's house belonged to her late grandfather and has been left in her care.

The house still has its twinkle lights up from the holidays, but the Christmas tree and other related decorations have been put up, allowing all of the Sengoku era Japanese artifacts lining the walls and the hallways to take center stage.

Please feel free to wander the house a bit! All the doors are open for the most part, just please be careful not to touch or handle the artifacts without Nasuti's permission!

Narnian Christmas party-- December 25th
stock- eggy

Welcome to Cair Paravel! Since this is Narnia's first Christmas in a long, long time, everyone's really gotten into the holiday spirit-- the entire castle is richly decorated in a very traditional decidedly non-secular style (and yes, mistletoe can be found above some doorways!), and all the public rooms are filled with celebrating Narnians, none of whom are human. Don't worry, though-- their kings and queens are, and so of course they'll be polite and welcoming to any of their visiting human friends! Feel free to mingle and celebrate, and help to ring in the new era of peace by having a wonderful time.

[OOC: Please note that while making up Narnian NPCs to briefly affect/interact with is okay, NPCing of canon characters still requires mod permission! Feel free to say that your character was bumped into by a random unicorn or talking rhino (etcetera), for example, but "lol so my guy's going to meet High King Peter" isn't kosher, because Peter is an appable character.]

look guys it's a duck

DDD Formal Ball; GARDENS
look guys it's a duck

The Gardens are big and beautiful, containing more flowerbeds and benches just off-picture. It's a beautiful night: clear skies, cool but not cold weather, and just a hint of a breeze - wander to your heart's content, alone or with a partner, have a sit down in the cool night air - and try not to fall in the ornamental ponds, okay?

look guys it's a duck
Here you'll find a room-length buffet table with full catering staff behind it. It's all free and provided for you, so tuck in! There's delicious selections from all over the world(s) - and if you have a specific request, just ask one of the catering staff to make it for you. They're really very helpful.

There's plenty of seating for everyone, but tables are big - don't worry about sharing with other people! That's what they're for, and a great way to meet your fellow community members. There's also a bar, but the barman is uncannily good at seeing when a character is under 18 - you won't be able to order alcohol from him if you are. Certainly none of you are immoral enough to get an older person to order for you, either. Never fear, though, even if you don't like soft drinks - there's a perfectly non-alcoholic punch over on the buffet table…

If it's still a little noisy with the music leaking in, or you're a little warm, you can head out through the big glass French windows into the cool gardens.

look guys it's a duck
Through the doors is a giant dancefloor, with a large orchestra on stage. They're playing beautiful music, from slowdance classics to orchestral covers of modern songs - later in the evening, a DJ will take over and pump up the sick rhythms too, but the comm likes to feel classy for a while.

Stay, have a dance, have several - there are seats around for the tired, but no tables or bar. If that's what you're after, follow your nose through the other open double-doors for refreshments.

DDD Formal Ball; LOBBY
look guys it's a duck
Welcome to the Dramadramaduck Formal Ball! Yes, you, even though you never heard about this/wouldn't have come/don't own fancy clothes anything like what you're wearing, it doesn't matter - the Community has provided, so enjoy yourself in this beautifully decorated ballroom manor!

Your night will start here in the Lobby, where music filters in through the giant open set of double doors at the end of the room. It's quieter here, but rather busy with comings and goings - feel free to linger and mingle, if you don't mind the hustle-bustle, but inside there's the sound of music and dancing and the smell of food to tempt you!

[DDD Maid Cafe Event/Virus]
would you like some?
From the outside, it looks like a normal cafe. But when you get closer to the door... see your friend crossdressing or in costume, holding a tray. They greet you politely, with a bow:

"Welcome to the DDD Maid Cafe, sir/madam."

Inside is a normal cafe: more than a dozen tables and comfortable chairs. Across the far wall is a bar, and behind number two are the private rooms in the back. The menu features everything from steak to miso soup. Help yourself, keep hands to yourself, and don't forget to tip your waitstaff because they always want to know:

"How may we be of service?"

Explanation of roles and such here. Otherwise, waitstaff just make a comment, blank or otherwise, and people can comment to be waited on! Or you could comment while you're loitering at the door and waitstaff will direct you to a table. Or just go wild. Fake memories are totally okay!!]


[ Welcome to the luxurious Ember Island! Vacation spot for the wealthy and powerful. Big big homes and big big resorts~ Palm trees and luscious vegetation~ amazingly private beaches surrounded by mountains and dunes. And really really bad plays.

It's said the island causes visitors to go into a sort of self-discovery but who buys into that stuff, right? You're here for the huge-ass party the Avatar's throwing. ]

DISNEY EVENT - DAY 2, 4/17/11
look guys it's a duck

Welcome to the happiest place on Earth, DDD! For our purposes, everything has been condensed into one giant park. Post under the appropriate comment headings as they go up, and have fun!

(Also, please not that the event doesn't start ICly until Saturday-- this entry is just going up early so that people can get a head start on threading if they choose to.)


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