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look guys it's a duck
tripled_mods wrote in triple_d_events
Through the doors is a giant dancefloor, with a large orchestra on stage. They're playing beautiful music, from slowdance classics to orchestral covers of modern songs - later in the evening, a DJ will take over and pump up the sick rhythms too, but the comm likes to feel classy for a while.

Stay, have a dance, have several - there are seats around for the tired, but no tables or bar. If that's what you're after, follow your nose through the other open double-doors for refreshments.

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[Eames is just watching for right now, standing off to one side and enjoying a nice drink.]

[Ariadne has come to join him for a little while. She's already gotten herself a glass of while when she comes over.]

Enjoying the surprise evening?

That I am. But I like any kind of surprises that come with free spirits. [He punctuates the sentence by knocking back his drink before grinning.] And yourself?

[She laughs a bit. She expected that to be part of his answer.]

Of course. I mean, have you looked at this place?

It really is rather swanky. It's nice when the community decides to dream up places like this instead of torturing us twice a month.

Unless the boiled lobsters suddenly come to life or the drinks turn everyone a shade of purple, that is. [teasing, teasing!]

Are you trying to tempt fate, Ariadne? This will all turn out to be a bizarre Disney cartoon musical number if those come true.

[She laughs.]

It wouldn't be all bad. Could you imagine Arthur singing on a magic carpet?

[Kurt is having a non alcoholic drink too and he smiles at the other man.] Nice to see you in person, Eames.

[Eames grins.] Good to see you too. You're looking quite fashionable.

Thank you. When I appeared here my clothes changed. I hope they don't change back once I return home, I rather like them too.

But what if that means you lose the clothes you had originally? Will some Marc Jacobs ensemble vanish into the ether?

I don't know, but I wasn't wearing anything that special when I arrived ehre.

Why do I suspect that 'nothing special' for you is some insane ensemble that Lady Gaga would hallucinate during a fever dream?

[He's giving Eames a <.<; look.] Well....

[Arthur was sure that Eames would be around, but he wasn't expecting to see him all properly dressed. He couldn't help but stare appreciatively.]

[Eames turns towards him, hiding his grin by knocking back another swig of his drink.] See something you like?

Quite a lot, actually. Why can't you dress like that more often?

Because I like to save it for special occasions. [He grins, stepping closer.] And I wouldn't get to see your ever-seductive smoldering stare if you were used to me looking like this.

love the Rock&rolla icons.That face ♥♥♥

We need more 'special occasions' more often. [He takes a step closer himself, running a hand over the lapel of the suit.]Hmmm....

I love it sooooo :3 It's his 'HEY SEXY' fais >D♥♥

Mm, if it gets that kind of reaction out of you, then I definitely agree. [One arm wraps loosely around Arthur's back as he speaks.]

[Oh, now here is a likely-looking target fellow. Ayako walks up, smiling.]

Not dancing?

[He smiles politely.]

Not at the moment. I tend to dance better after I've had a few of these. [He gestures at his drink.]

[If you were less good-looking (and expensive-looking), she might ask you if other people actually share that opinion. But she keeps smiling.]

I guess it's important to get warmed up.

That it is. And if you're not warmed up, at least you're much more likely to have drunk so much that you don't remember dancing like a fool the night before.

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