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look guys it's a duck
tripled_mods wrote in triple_d_events
Through the doors is a giant dancefloor, with a large orchestra on stage. They're playing beautiful music, from slowdance classics to orchestral covers of modern songs - later in the evening, a DJ will take over and pump up the sick rhythms too, but the comm likes to feel classy for a while.

Stay, have a dance, have several - there are seats around for the tired, but no tables or bar. If that's what you're after, follow your nose through the other open double-doors for refreshments.

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[Gellert can later be found out in the gardens for those not looking to dance. But he will also be searching curiously around the dance floor for interesting dance partners...]

[He is dressed in a dark blue velvety suit.]

[Albus spots him and smiles before walking over to him.]

You're looking quite handsome tonight.

Even more so than usual?

[He grins, teasing.]

[Albus chuckles] Yes, even more so. Your robes suit you.

Why, thank you.

[He says graciously, eyeing him.]

You look wonderful yourself.

[Albus smiles, pleased.] Thank you.

Would you like to dance?

I would love to.

Do you mean with you? [He playfully teases.]

[Albus chuckles.] Well, I would hope so.

[Elloran has been circling the ball room, looking for someone to teach him the dance. When he notices Gellert he smiles and wanders over, pausing only to bow deeply before introducing himself.]

Gellert, correct? We have spoken on the community, I believe. Might I request a dance?

[The pink robe thrown over Elloran's kilt couldn't look more at odds with Gellert's more traditional outfit, matching tie or no. Still, he exudes the kind of confidence that belies anyone questioning the eccentric combination.]

[He gives him a casual glance over but doesn't appear peturbed by the ensemble.]

Yes, I recall.

[He bows his head briefly.]

Very well. [He offers an arm.]

[Elloran takes the proffered arm.]

Forgive me if I stumble a bit on the steps. This is a rather new dance for me.

Yes. The dances of my people are quite a bit different.

Oh? I have been taught the basic ones in my world. I believe they are similar to the ones the Muggles also perform.

Muggles...those are the people that don't have magic on your world, correct? The dances that Inquestors and short-lifed peoples in my galaxy are similar as well, though quite different from what I see here.

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