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look guys it's a duck
tripled_mods wrote in triple_d_events
Through the doors is a giant dancefloor, with a large orchestra on stage. They're playing beautiful music, from slowdance classics to orchestral covers of modern songs - later in the evening, a DJ will take over and pump up the sick rhythms too, but the comm likes to feel classy for a while.

Stay, have a dance, have several - there are seats around for the tired, but no tables or bar. If that's what you're after, follow your nose through the other open double-doors for refreshments.

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[Eames is just watching for right now, standing off to one side and enjoying a nice drink.]

[Ariadne has come to join him for a little while. She's already gotten herself a glass of while when she comes over.]

Enjoying the surprise evening?

That I am. But I like any kind of surprises that come with free spirits. [He punctuates the sentence by knocking back his drink before grinning.] And yourself?

[She laughs a bit. She expected that to be part of his answer.]

Of course. I mean, have you looked at this place?

It really is rather swanky. It's nice when the community decides to dream up places like this instead of torturing us twice a month.

[Kurt is having a non alcoholic drink too and he smiles at the other man.] Nice to see you in person, Eames.

[Eames grins.] Good to see you too. You're looking quite fashionable.

Thank you. When I appeared here my clothes changed. I hope they don't change back once I return home, I rather like them too.

But what if that means you lose the clothes you had originally? Will some Marc Jacobs ensemble vanish into the ether?

[Arthur was sure that Eames would be around, but he wasn't expecting to see him all properly dressed. He couldn't help but stare appreciatively.]

[Eames turns towards him, hiding his grin by knocking back another swig of his drink.] See something you like?

Quite a lot, actually. Why can't you dress like that more often?

[Oh, now here is a likely-looking target fellow. Ayako walks up, smiling.]

Not dancing?

[He smiles politely.]

Not at the moment. I tend to dance better after I've had a few of these. [He gestures at his drink.]

[If you were less good-looking (and expensive-looking), she might ask you if other people actually share that opinion. But she keeps smiling.]

I guess it's important to get warmed up.

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